convenient Location

We are by the Nakamise avenue, and a short walk from Asakusa Station,
If you are planning to visit Ueno, Ginza, and Nikko, you can reach directly.

Free Internet

Free internet service is available in the lobby, and also you can use your PC in your room. (It is possible to access to internet at all rooms)
And it is possible to watch the English TV program (CNN) at all rooms.

Japanese style Bath

We have Japanese style baths on 6th floor.
There are two rooms separated for male and female.
Please enjoy your bath time with the sight of five-storied pagoda.

Japan Tourism Agency

Traditional Japanese cuisine, "WASHOKU"

Traditional Japanese cuisine, "WASHOKU" was placed as a UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage in 2013.
Traditional "WASHOKU" breakfast is composed of TAMAGO-YAKI (Japanese-style omelet), YAKI-ZAKANA (grilled fish of the season), NI-MONO (seasonal boiled dishes), SHIRU-MONO (soup dishes) and GOHAN (boiled rice).
The quintessence of "WASHOKU" is to take the full advantage of seasonal ingredients. Menu varies with the seasons.
Beside its tastes, "WASHOKU" breakfast is served with special attention to its appearance and nutrient balance.
Please enjoy the authentic "WASHOKU" breakfast in Ryokan Shigetsu.